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How to Optimize Your Incident Response Process in the Cloud

by Venkat Pothamsetty , posted in Cloud Security, Use Cases, Incident Response Management, Alert Management, Cloud Security Use Cases Playbook

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Bad guys know the faster they move, the more they’ll be able to accomplish: the more data they’ll be able to steal, the more money they’ll be able to extort, the more damage they can do to your reputation. So it’s a race to see whether the bad guys can move faster than the good guys. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of that equation.

One way to move fast is to optimize your alerting and incident response processes (which are, of course, tightly connected). What does this mean in practice? It means your security tools need to be integrated into the operations team’s workflows so the moment a security issue is detected, an alert is sent to those who can fix it, enabling them to take rapid action based on solid information. Doing this will optimize security workflows and improve operational support.

Here’s an effective way to optimize alerting and incident response.

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Dec 23, 2016 11:27:11 AM

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How to Monitor Outbound and Inbound Connections to Maintain Cloud Security

by Venkat Pothamsetty , posted in Cloud Security, Use Cases, Network Connection Monitoring, Cloud Security Use Cases Playbook

Cloud Security Use Cases Part 1 Blog Banner-1.jpg

When it comes to staying secure in the cloud, an important practice is to monitor both incoming and outgoing connections from your network. Why? Monitoring and alerting on “interesting” (i.e., anomalous) network connections going in and out of cloud environments can provide early breach detection to cloud security operations teams.

Here’s how to put this type of security monitoring into practice in your organization.

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Dec 21, 2016 10:45:45 AM

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The Cloud Security Use Cases Playbook

by Venkat Pothamsetty , posted in Cloud Security, Use Cases, Cloud Security Use Cases

Cloud Security Use Cases Playbook Blog Banner.jpg

Over the last year, we have published a number of playbooks that, together, deliver strategic and tactical information to guide you from high-level planning down to effective implementation, day-to-day operations, and ongoing improvement of security across your cloud infrastructure.

One of our earlier publications, The Cloud Security Playbook, focused on the need for companies to develop a comprehensive cloud security strategy if they are operating in or migrating to the cloud.

We're excited to be launching the next Playbook in this series that is shifting from strategy to tactics.

Given Cloud Security’s relatively short history and interdisciplinary nature, it’s important for us to share practical, real-world information that will guide organizations as they start to implement security measures across their modern infrastructure — or if already established — improve their operations and strengthen their security.

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Dec 15, 2016 12:24:31 PM

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