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Strategy Before Tactics: Getting Your Cloud Security Playbook in Order

by Venkat Pothamsetty , posted in Cloud Security, Continuous Cloud Security, State of Cloud Security, Cloud Security Playbook



The conversations are evolving, the threats are advancing and the strategies are shifting. Cloud adoption has surged forward in recent years, with 93 percent of companies now using cloud technology in some form or another. But far less than that have a proper cloud security strategy in place, and that means they are vulnerable to threats. Here’s where cloud security stands today.

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Jan 29, 2016 11:25:11 AM

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“The Call is Coming from Inside the House” Insider Threats Pose Major Security Concerns for Enterprise

by Brian Ahern , posted in Threats, Continuous Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Detection, Continuous Cloud Security, Security in the cloud


Security is a major concern and potential road block for companies starting up in the cloud or considering a move into the cloud. Incidents such as the most recent high-profile attack on “online cheating site” Ashley Madison do little to assuage those fears as companies must consider how to best protect themselves from external and insider threats

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Jul 23, 2015 11:53:03 AM

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New Case Study: Protecting Customer Data & Meeting SOC 2 Compliance

by Palen Schwab , posted in Compliance, Customers, SOC 2, Continuous Cloud Security

We recently spoke with Threat Stack customer Jameel Al-Aziz, DevOps/Software Engineer for 6sense, and developed the following case study that showcases how Al-Aziz and his team are using Threat Stack. Al-Aziz also details in the case study the company-wide benefits they are realizing, including a shortened sales cycle, by having a continuous security monitoring solution in place. Below is their story.

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Apr 21, 2015 10:26:00 AM

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A Deep Dive on Threat Stack: Recap of our Live Product Q&A

by Kristin Dziadul , posted in Cloud Security, Webinar, Continuous Cloud Security, EC2 Integration, AWS Integration

This week our product team, led by Chris Gervais, Threat Stack’s VP of Engineering, and Aaron Botsis, Threat Stack’s Product Manager, hosted a live Q&A webinar, diving into the intricacies of security for cloud-native environments and what Threat Stack is doing about it. Before the webinar, we asked attendees to submit their most pressing questions, letting them take the reigns in the discussion. We had many great questions come in and took care to cover as many as possible. We also demoed Threat Stack itself to show how the platform works and some recent updates based specifically on customer feedback.

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Mar 26, 2015 9:28:40 AM

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