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The How vs the Who: An Argument Against Attribution & Hack Back

by Sam Bisbee , posted in Cloud Security Strategy, Security Strategy, Attribution, Hack Back

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A lot of organizations focus their efforts on identifying external actors, distinguishing between different groups that may be attempting malicious activity. At some organizations, this is relevant due to the defender’s sophistication, capabilities, and relationships. However, they are the 1%-ers and have many of the same difficulties that we are about to explore.

For the 99%, there is an unhealthy fascination around actors, attribution, and the “who done it?” The 99% believe that this information is both accurate and actionable. This belief has been propagated by cloud data security vendors; Hollywood’s portrayal of hacking and defense; and the fourth estate’s fascination with spy thriller storylines like the DNC breach and its role in the US presidential election.

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Nov 2, 2016 11:38:52 AM

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