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Vikram Varakantam

Director, Products and Customer Development

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3 Key Practices for Enabling Cloud Security

by Vikram Varakantam , posted in Cloud Security, Security, Webinar, Cloud

To explore the complex and sometimes confusing topic of cloud security more deeply, we recently hosted a webinar in which Vikram Varakantam, Threat Stack Director of Product Strategy, and Ilya Kalinin, senior DevOps engineer at AdRoll, talked through some of the top issues that need to be considered when organizations are scaling cloud infrastructure securely (up or down). 



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May 3, 2016 10:12:58 AM

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4 Things You Need to Know About SOC 2 Compliance

by Vikram Varakantam , posted in Compliance, SOC 2, Customer requirements

SOC 2 Compliance Blog Banner.jpg

Compliance isn’t as simple as a connect-the-dots exercise. When you consider how fast companies are moving to and expanding on the cloud, alongside the proliferation of cloud-based security threats, compliance can be a little dizzying. We’re here to break the complexities of compliance requirements down for you, starting with SOC 2.

SOC 2 is one of the more common compliance requirements technology companies must meet today.

So what does SOC 2 compliance mean and how can you go about achieving it? In this post, we will break down the four most important things you need to know.  

(Learn more about how Threat Stack Customer 6sense was able to achieve SOC 2 compliance and protect sensitive customer data.)

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Mar 30, 2016 12:20:00 PM

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