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Michal Ferguson

As Director of Demand Generation at Threat Stack and a tech & security lover, Michal spends her days finding valuable ways to match Threat Stack’s cloud-based security solution with its ideal customers. Prior to Threat Stack, Michal held marketing management positions at CloudLock (acquired by Cisco), VKernel (acquired by Quest Software, then Dell), and Onaro (acquired by NetApp).

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Meeting Compliance in the Cloud ≠ A Choice

by Michal Ferguson , posted in HIPAA, SOC 2, Compliance in the Cloud, PCI Compliance

Meeting Compliance in the Cloud Blog Banner.png

In the past, we’ve talked about various ways that compliance can add value to your business. But what happens when you don’t attain or maintain compliance. (Note: In the following, we focus on PCI, but equally unpleasant consequences can result, of course, if you fail to meet other standards such as HIPAA, SOC 2, etc.).

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Apr 20, 2017 10:46:41 AM

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73% of Companies Have Critical AWS Security Misconfigurations

by Michal Ferguson , posted in Cloud Security, AWS Security, AWS Configuration Auditing, Threat Stack Cloud Security Study

AWS Security Misconfigurations Blog Banner.png

Threat Stack Delivers Wake Up Call

Wide open SSH and infrequent software updates among top risks identified in the majority of cloud-based environments

How effective are your AWS security configurations? And how do you know for sure?

In a recent eye-opening study, Threat Stack found that 73% of companies have at least one critical security misconfiguration, such as remote SSH open to the entire internet. By “critical”, we mean configuration lapses that enable an attacker to gain access directly to private services or the AWS console, or that could be used to mask criminal activity from monitoring technologies. That is some critical stuff!

If we caught your attention with that opening statistic, please read on.

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Apr 18, 2017 12:44:25 PM

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